Venue Consulting

Venue Consulting

As leaders in the exhibitions and attractions industry, Imagine Exhibitions offers consulting as part of our suite of services. Opening a new attraction? We will work with you to identify ideal venue locations, develop your site for maximum visitor flow and revenue potential, and help to manage your front of house staff. Looking to grow or change your existing attraction? Our consulting services will help you to evaluate your existing structure and identify areas that have opportunities. Our consulting offerings fall into three basic categories:

Venue Consulting

We can leverage our extensive experience in the traveling exhibitions industry in order to develop or grow your venue's gallery spaces, traveling exhibition program, and/or overall business model. When you sign on as one of our venue consulting clients, Imagine Exhibitions’ team of experts become an extension of your own staff. We have worked with venues around the globe and are equipped with an insight into the unique challenges and incredible potential of venues of all sizes. Our venue consulting services include designing traveling exhibition programs, negotiating exhibition bookings, gallery renovation, pricing, ticketing, marketing, design, operations, and retail.

Venue Consulting

Exhibition Consulting

We are the experts behind the experience when it comes to traveling exhibitions. Our exhibition consulting services draw upon our team’s unrivaled experience in sales, marketing, design, operations, and production of traveling exhibitions. Our traveling exhibitions have reached over 20 million visitors worldwide to date, and have earned a reputation as the world’s most compelling interactive experiences. Our exhibition consulting clients can trust that they are working with the best of the best when it comes to high quality, story-driven, interactive, educational exhibitions.

Attraction Consulting

Imagine Exhibitions knows a thing or two about drawing in visitors and delivering high quality entertaining experiences. Our experts in attraction consulting will bring our extensive background in entertainment and attractions to the table to help your attraction reach its full potential.

Venue Consulting


  • Concept identification, vetting, and development
  • Site/venue location identification
  • Layout and design
  • Capital acquisition
  • Staff training
  • Operations
  • Day-to-day management
  • Development of ancillary revenue streams


  • Physical museum and attraction design
  • Negotiate exhibition bookings
  • Design of traveling exhibition programs
  • Gallery renovation
  • Organize and optimize retail space
  • Development of ancillary revenue streams

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Venue Consulting

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