We believe in the power of immersive storytelling, hands on interactivity and experiential design in creating a transformative experience. A truly immersive experience allows visitors to become absorbed inside a carefully crafted world, and brings educational content to life in unexpected and thrilling ways. We design our immersive exhibitions as four-dimensional stories, integrating a broad variety of elements, such as historical artifacts, lighting, set design, sound, visual art, texture, scent, multimedia installations, and more to deliver immersive experiences that resonate with visitors long after the experience is over.

With a portfolio of over 40 traveling exhibitions, we have a selection that can transform any space or venue into an immersive attraction.


From curation to placement, artifacts can be a critical component of immersive exhibitions. We partner with professionals to provide personalized, expert services for the handling of delicate art and artifact collections.


Lighting is the major contributor to creating and sustaining an exhibition’s emotional tone and tempo, and is key to engaging visitors in an immersive attraction. From theatrical fixtures to moving lights to LEDs to UV light with iridescent paint, we find the right application of light and color to sustain, build upon, or shift a mood throughout the exhibition.

Set Design

Our graphics team integrates defined textures and color palettes to create dramatic components of the story that are critical to creating an immersive exhibit.

Examples of some of our most immersive exhibitions:

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