Imagine Exhibitions has multiple outdoor exhibitions that range in size and content. From animatronic dinosaurs to brightly colored sculptures built out of bricks to fantastical wooden trolls , our outdoor traveling exhibitions have toured through zoos, parks, botanical gardens, and other outdoor venues around the world. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Imagine Exhibitions has also successfully adapted several of our outdoor exhibitions to be drive-through experiences.

Customizable Components

We will work with you to develop the perfect outdoor traveling exhibition for your venue. For example, our record-breaking exhibition Dinosaurs Around the World: The Great Outdoors was designed with a narrative and signage that allow visitors to explore every continent to discover what dinosaurs lived there and how they arrived. However, venues can also choose to only book the dinosaurs themselves, designing their own signage that matches their venue’s branding. We have extensive experience producing zoo exhibitions, garden exhibitions, fair and festival exhibitions, and more in outdoor spaces of all kinds, and understand the unique needs of each of our clients.


Drive-through Exhibitions

All of our outdoor exhibitions are easily adaptable to become drive-through exhibitions for a COVID-safe experience. In 2020, we successfully produced a drive thru version of Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects made with LEGO® Bricks at the San Antonio Zoo and of Dinosaurs Around the World at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. In Cleveland, 84% of visitors rated their satisfaction with the dinosaur drive through experience an 8, 9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10. We’ve also recently launched a touring drive thru dinosaur adventure called Dino Safari. Moving forward, Imagine Exhibitions is prepared to continue to offer drive through exhibitions to interested venues throughout and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Indoor-Outdoor Exhibits

If your venue space is predominantly indoors but you want to place a few elements outdoors, we’ve got you covered! A couple of dinosaurs, toy brick sculptures, or a permanent or semi-permanent giant troll sculpture are great ways to show passersby what more you have to offer inside your venue. If you don’t want a full narrative complete with signage, you also have the option of sculpture rentals that your venue can brand in a way that you feel will best resonate with your visitors!

The Growing Popularity of Outdoor Exhibitions

Zoos, gardens, and parks are learning the benefit of bringing traveling exhibitions to their spaces. And, post COVID-19, outdoor exhibitions are a safer option for organizations whose indoor capacity is limited. Whether it be a fully educational experience that builds on the organization’s mission, a simple set of stunning sculptures, or an interactive adventure — guests consistently report loving outdoor traveling exhibitions and find them to be a safe option in today’s world. Zoo exhibitions, garden exhibitions, and drive-through exhibitions are a reliable way to generate visitation and provide unique, educational content to your guests. Don’t believe us? Attendance numbers tell the whole story:




“The opening month of Dinosauria* saw the biggest attendance month in the zoo’s 103-year history!”

(* Dinosauria was the alternate title used by this venue for Dinosaurs Around the World)

Tony Vecchio, Executive Director

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens



Thomas Dambo’s Troll Hunt at The Morton Arboretum led to the park’s two highest attended years in its nearly 100-year history. 1.26 million people visited the park in 2018 during the run of Troll Hunt, with the first month of the exhibition locking the most visitors the arboretum had ever had in a 30-day period (164,000 visitors).

Examples of our Outdoor Exhibitions:

Jacksonville Zoo
Milwaukee County Zoo
Minnesota Landscape Arburetrum
Philadelphia Zoo
Moody Gardens
San Antonio Zoo
Riverbank Zoo Garden
Cleveland Metropark Zoo
McKee Botanical Garden
Thanksgiving Point

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