"Imagine Exhibitions is a great company to work with when you are in the market to rent fun high quality exhibitions like Astronaut. The staff is helpful and provides support through all paperwork and logistic issues. The marketing and educational materials provided by Imagine Exhibitions are a great resource when getting the word out about your new exhibition."

Paul Spana, Exhibits Manager

January 2017, Space Center Houston


"Scitech has partnered with Imagine Exhibitions due to their established track record as a successful developer and promoter of travelling exhibitions. Scitech has been touring our exhibitions internationally since 1995, but until recently had not had the opportunity to present our product to the North American market. Thanks to Imagine Exhibitions, we now have a reliable and trusted partner in this area who understands the uniqueness of our exhibition product and champions it in a sophisticated and authentic way."

Alan Brien, CEO Scitech

Scitech – Perth, Australia


"Imagine Exhibitions is a major player in the production and delivery of high quality, high entertainment exhibition projects for a broad variety of venues - and I look forward to developing new ideas with them for future projects."

Kathryn Keane, VP of Exhibitions

National Geographic - Washington, DC


"The Franklin Institute has developed a business model that in part, includes the role of traveling exhibits. Securing good traveling exhibition partners is essential to our success. Imagine Exhibitions has been a great partner for The Franklin Institute by offering professional, turnkey, museum-quality exhibitions. In addition, Imagine Exhibitions is a great partner to build new exhibitions and expand our network for opportunities and possibilities for the Institute."

Dennis Wint, President & CEO

2012, The Franklin Institute - Philadelphia, PA


"Tom is the best in the business when it comes to the world of exhibits and exhibitions. I have done two projects with him and both turned out first rate and have exceeded all expectations, financial and otherwise. He knows his stuff. His work ethic is unsurpassed. And he manages to combine artistic flair and creativity with solid business acumen. I would ONLY deal with Tom on any future projects in this very specialized field."

Felix Rappaport, President

2012, Mirage Resorts - Las Vegas, NV


"I have had the esteem pleasure of working with Imagine Exhibitions on several occasions. Each time I have been amazed at the creativity they possess. I have witnessed them firsthand take a complicated space and transform it to an immersive world of interaction, education and excitement. Their culture of creating the right exhibit to fit the need of the venue and its guest was a welcoming change to the norm. This is a company that just “gets it” and does it right!"

Joseph J. Handy, Vice President of Guest Services and Hospitality

Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta, GA


"What started out as a vendor-client relationship turned into a long term partnership designing, producing and managing exhibitions together. Kingsmen is a company founded on quality and creativity; it is those shared values with Imagine Exhibitions that continue to make for excellent, entertaining and profitable collaborations."

Anthony Chong, Managing Director

Kingsmen Exhibits Pte Ltd - Singapore, Singapore


"I’ve worked with Imagine Exhibitions time and again on projects big and small and I am reliably impressed with their seemingly limitless resources and savvy navigation of the complicated world of Las Vegas entertainment. Las Vegas is a tough market on every level - from building, marketing, and ultimately running the exhibition, it takes very specialized expertise. Imagine Exhibitions’s success in Las Vegas illustrates their high skill, knowledge and execution level that they implement worldwide. Imagine Exhibitions is consistently reliable with that expertise and I always trust that they have all the details handled without fail."

Michael Downs, VP of Hotel Operations

2012, Bellagio Resorts - Las Vegas, NV


Angry Birds


"Angry Birds Universe was our marquee exhibit at this year’s Fair at the PNE. The exhibition received an overwhelming amount of media attention, high attendance, and was one of the strongest factors for an increase in attendance this year for the PNE Fair."

Faizzal Fatehali, Manager, Exhibit Space

September 2016, Pacific National Exhibition


"With a great deal of excitement and anticipation, TELUS World of Science – Edmonton was thrilled to be the host facility for the North American premier of Angry Birds Universe The Exhibition. The strong Angry Birds brand brought instant recognition to the exhibit and it quickly became very popular with our visitors, many of whom made multiple return visits to experience the various interactive exhibit components."

Steve Baker, Chief Operating Officer

March 2017, TELUS World of Science - Edmonton


"It’s the quintessential example of what we look for in an exhibit. There’s this sort of medium where you have this conversation of physics happening alongside this global pop-culture phenomenon. It’s the perfect combo."

Dan Wempa, VP of External Affairs

July 2017, New York Hall of Science


Dinosaurs in Motion


"Dinosaurs in Motion presents STEAM concepts in a very creative way. It was markedly different from other dinosaur-themed exhibitions and was very popular with both children and adults. We experienced a 40% increase in attendance of Dinosaurs in Motion compared to exhibitions from the previous year."

Jan Luth, President

March 2017, Exploration Place


"Dinosaurs in Motion is a great example of STEAM, with the physics of pulleys (Science and Engineering), sculptures (Art), welding (Making), and of course the mobile dinosaur skeletons set in an exciting and engaging layout. We were thrilled with the many ways our audiences enjoyed and interacted with the exhibition. We took a financial risk to host this exhibition, and it performed even better than we had planned or hoped. It set a new standard for success at TELUS Spark."

Jennifer Martin, President & CEO

April 2017, TELUS Spark


"Dinosaurs in Motion performed amazingly, tying in very well with our Explore More Labs and tinkering efforts at Discovery Place. It was a great exhibition that merged dinosaurs, engineering, and art. Imagine Exhibitions provided turnkey services that made the opening both effortless and cost effective."

Joanie Vandenberg Philipp, Vice President, Exhibitions & Operations

April 2017, Discovery Place


"We were thrilled with Dinosaurs in Motion! The exhibition proved to be a great attendance draw and the content is highly engaging, entertaining, and educational. The STEAM-related content resonated very well with school and youth groups, and the interactives with the 14 dinosaurs featured in the exhibition were great fun for all of our guests. Kudos to Imagine Exhibitions for bringing us a truly fantastic exhibition!"

Jackie Mollet, Managing Director/Visitor Services

September 2014, Saint Louis Science Center


Jurassic World


"The announcement of Jurassic World: The Exhibition almost instantaneously became a trending topic across The Franklin Institute’s social media. By any metric, the Jurassic World: The Exhibition posts dwarf its nearest competitor on our social media outlets."

Susan Poulton, Chief Digital Officer

September 2016, The Franklin Institute


Dinosaurs Around the World


The opening month of Dinosauria* saw the biggest attendance month in the zoo’s 103-year history!
(*Dinosauria was the alternate title used by this venue for Dinosaurs Around the World)

Tony Vecchio, Executive Director

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens


“The opening day of DINO WORLD attracted over 4,000 visitors and was the best we’ve ever had at our annual summer exhibition series in Munich. That’s a 200% increase from our average opening day attendance!"

Christoph Scholz, Director

SC Exhibitions


"Dinosaurs Around The World just closed its doors at South Florida Science Center after receiving record breaking attendance. Dinosaurs and paleontology have been presented countless times in various exhibits, but what made Dinosaurs Around the World so special is it turned science and learning into a real-world, hands-on adventure in discovery. Our visitors left Palm Beach and entered a world of excitement, walked alongside prehistoric creatures in awe of their size and greatness, with a desire to learn more around each corner. If you think you’ve seen all Dinosaur exhibitions, think again! Dinosaurs Around the World received the highest attendance at our venue of any exhibition ever to date!"

Kate Arizza, COO

April 2016, South Florida Science Center


"We more than doubled our attendance from the summer before with Dinosaurs Around the World. From the installation experts to the marketing team, everyone at Imagine Exhibitions was responsive, professional, and easy to work with. This exhibition is not only a “Passport to Pangea”, but also a passport to success for a museum!"

John Graydon Smith, Director and CEO

March 2017, Reading Public Museum


Living Dinosaurs


"The marketing assets provided by Imagine Exhibitions for Living Dinosaurs were excellent and easy to customize for the Macao Science Center, and we have gotten many visitors and a lot of compliments on the life-like dinosaurs and interactive exhibits."

Bonnie Fung, Head of Publicity Department

April 2017, Macao Science Center


DaVinci: The Exhibition


"DaVinci: The Exhibition was a well-attended exhibition that exceeded our expectations. The striking simplicity of the name augmented with strong marketing assets from Imagine Exhibitions attracted a wide audience. The breadth of hands-on exhibits and displays resulted in high customer satisfaction and strong word of mouth from our visitors. Hosting DaVinci: The Exhibition and working with Imagine Exhibitions was a great experience!"

Jerry Baber, EVP & COO

March 2017, Union Station, Kansas City


Ice Age


"Working with Imagine Exhibition’s team was a wonderful experience. Our visitors loved the life-like animatronic animals and dramatic scenes of Discover the Ice Age. The Educators Guide and Marketing assets helped create a robust package for us to attract visitors and school groups."

Nancy Somers, Senior Scientist

September 2015, Science North


Science Fiction, Science Future


"Working with Imagine Exhibition’s team was a pleasant and professional experience. Science Fiction, Science Future completely transformed the look and feel of our gallery. When visitors walked in they knew they were in for a totally new and unique experience."

Paul Siboroski, Exhibits Director

March 2017, Fleet Science Center


"The look and feel of the graphics and exhibit are top notch. Installation was a breeze."

Aaron Micaleff, Exhibits Curator

December 2016, Springs Preserve


Playing With Light


"Our visitors loved the active nature of the exhibit. It kept all age groups engaged, learning about the physical properties of light."

Aaron Micallef, Exhibits Curator

December 2016, Springs Preserve


Backyard Adventures


"We had more families and return visits with Backyard Adventures. Most families with young children found there to be a lot of active exhibits which helped keep the attention of children. It was also geared well for families as the interactives where for multiple users."

Julie Fisowich, Manager - Programming

January 2017, Saskatchewan Science Centre


Top Secret: License to Spy


"Top Secret is a well-built, highly interactive exhibition with a fun storyline. It’s tough to find an exhibition this scenic for the same rental price."

Josh Kessler, Project Manager

March 2017 (Exhibition hosted in 2015), Center of Science and Industry (COSI) (Colombus, OH)


Speed: Science in Motion


The Imagine Exhibitions crew were not only very competent but fun to work with. I wish that all of our traveling exhibits came with this level of support.
All of the visitor comments I have heard have been very positive. The balance of computer-based verses hands-on components works well.

Tom Haddad, Assistant Director of Collections and Facilities

June 2017, Mayborn Museum Complex




"Astronaut had a super awesome opening weekend with strong crowds, selling twice the amount of our average ticket sales!"

Jeff Stanford, VP of Marketing

January 2017, Orlando Science Center


"Our opening weekend for Astronaut was double our normal attendance. It’s getting a great response from visitors of all ages!"

Jeff Stanford, VP of Marketing

February 2017, Orlando Science Center


"Astronaut engaged, educated and entertained our visitors like never before; we even had the honor of having a few astronauts and NASA officials stop by to experience Astronaut for themselves!"

Paul Spana, Exhibits Manager

March 2017, Space Center Houston




"It would’ve taken us a week to set up Rescue. Imagine Exhibitions helped DISCOVERY Children’s Museum accomplish this in three days!"

Gary Haleamau, Director of Facilities and Exhibits

February 2017, DISCOVERY Children's Museum


Going Places: The Technology of Transport


"Going Places was one of our best attended exhibitions we've hosted at our museum. Membership sales were also strong throughout the summer, driven by the popularity of the exhibition. Imagine Exhibitions provided professional support and empathetic customer service. The exhibition received nothing but praise from audience, our crew, and the rest of the of our team."

Dan Wempa, VP of External Affairs

October 2016, New York Hall of Science


Cats and Dogs


"Cats and Dogs has been consistently attracting our public in droves, especially our young visitors, for more than a year now. Based on our 2016 summer survey, 80% of the visitors to Musée de la civilisation chose to see Cats and Dogs. In addition to the exhibition itself, this rich theme with unlimited potential for exploration has been the inspiration for many successful activities, educational workshops and conferences at the Musée."

Hélène Bernier, Director - Programming Department

June 2017, Musee de la Civilisation, Quebec

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