The Imagine Exhibitions marketing team is comprised of some of the industry's leading experts in promoting live entertainment. With a history of driving record-breaking attendance to venues around the world, our team is well versed in the nuances of traveling exhibition marketing. When you sign on as one of our clients, Imagine Exhibitions’ team of experts becomes an extension of your own staff.

Our Team

Our team of exhibit marketing experts consists of full-time professionals and multiple agencies and contractors. Our marketing team members come from backgrounds in museum marketing, entertainment marketing, and attractions marketing. We have experience working alongside some of the world’s biggest brands to promote their properties and protect their brands. With decades of experience in traveling exhibition marketing, we’ve seen it and tried it all—and we know what works.


Our Process

Utilizing extensive audience insights, market research, and competitive analysis, our approach to traveling exhibition marketing consists of strategizing a comprehensive, multi-touch campaign designed to drive high-volume ticket sales in each market. Our data-driven approach incorporates branding, digital media, content, advertising, and public relations to build in-market awareness. We layer on group sales, promotions, strategic partnerships, and added-value trade agreements in order to boost traffic during times of distressed inventory and to target niche interest groups. Altogether, this strategy is proven to maximize opportunity and return on investment for each of our properties and has garnered record-breaking ticket sales in venues and markets around the world.

Our Expertise

  • Branding & brand management
  • Media buying
  • Promotional partnerships
  • Digital media
  • Content creation
  • Press & public relations
  • Ticketing
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Group sales
  • Data analysis
  • Customers surveys

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