Imagine Exhibitions is the go-to for traveling exhibition sales. Why? Because our sales team works hard to develop an extensive network of strong relationships with key decision makers at venues around the world. With a database of more than 15,000 qualified industry contacts, our team of internationally located sales representatives have the right relationships to bring the right exhibitions to the right venues at the right time.

Museums and Science Centers

Museum exhibition sales are at the core of what we do. Our sales team understands the nuances of the exhibit sales consideration cycle at museums, science centers, and like-minded institutions, and are equipped to overcome any challenges that may come along in the process of negotiating traveling exhibition sales.

Museums and science centers face unique challenges and have specific goals—whether they be mission-driven, attendance-driven, or revenue-driven. Boasting a portfolio of over 40 traveling exhibitions, Imagine Exhibitions’ turnkey exhibitions meet every mission, venue, and budget. It is for this reason that we are a trusted voice in the museum space and have hundreds of satisfied, repeat museum clients.


Zoos, Gardens, and Aquariums

Within the past five years, Imagine Exhibitions has expanded to the outdoor market. The main concerns of venues such as zoos and gardens are to drive attendance and complement their mission statements. The outdoor shows that we have developed have subsequently helped zoos break attendance records and further their missions of conservation and ecology.

Other Industry Relationships

The Imagine Exhibitions sales team has also tapped into other markets where there is need an opportunity for traveling exhibitions. These relationships are what set us apart—expanding beyond traditional venues is what keeps our shows booked year round and out of storage.

Our relationships with non-museum industries include:

  • Promoters
  • Casinos
  • Real estate developers
  • Non-traditional entertainment venues
  • And more!

Thought Leaders

The Imagine Exhibitions sales team are recognized leaders at industry conferences, often leading sessions and workshops, sponsoring events, and more. Imagine Exhibitions’ dynamic sales team are the “faces in the right spaces” when it comes to networking and demonstrating thought leadership within the ticketed attractions industry.

Our Expertise

  • Intercultural management
  • Multi-lingual team
  • Contract management
  • Tailor-made programming consulting
  • Museum and science center expertise
  • Zoos, gardens, and aquariums expertise
  • Product knowledge
  • Strategic prospecting skills
  • Active listening
  • International communications
  • Satisfaction-oriented customer relationships
  • Industry tradeshows expertise
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic watch

Our Associations and Memberships:

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