Exhibition Design

Exhibition design that transforms vision into reality. Fabrication that brings each scene to life. A process based in communication and collaboration at every step of the way.

With over 10 years in business and a leadership team with more than 25 years in the traveling exhibitions industry, Imagine Exhibitions is the worldwide leader in designing some of the world's most popular museum-quality exhibits.

The Exhibit Design Team

From exhibition design to museum design to attraction design, Imagine Exhibitions’ team of skilled experience designers are collaborative, creative, precise, and tireless in their pursuit of excellence. We specialize in transforming a creative vision into physical reality, from the blue-sky conceptual phase through design, engineering, production, fabrication, integration and on-site installation execution.

From traditional object-based static displays to dynamic hands-on interactive exhibits and from immersive themed scenic environments to complex and comprehensive technology-based science exhibits—we collaborate with our clients to bring any vision to life.

Our Methodology

In our museum design and exhibition design services, we embrace a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, systems-oriented design methodology with a focus on providing compelling narrative-driven immersive user experiences. Our methodology focuses on the design of robust travel-ready modules, systems and solutions that can be easily configurable for a wide range of venues.

Exhibition Design

Whether designing a linear flow of content or making use of dramatic sight lines and reveals, we can arrange exhibits based on venue-specific requirements, client-driven narratives, and the expectations of audience experiences. We produce comprehensive layouts, floorplans, space studies, and flow studies to ensure all considerations are being met.

UX Design

We approach exhibition design from the standpoint of the user experience. UX Design is the process of enhancing user/customer satisfaction and experience through integrated technologies that immerse the visitor in the experience. Our background in attraction design provides us with a solid understanding of visitor experience when developing an exhibition or attraction.

Research and Content Development

We delve deep to understand our client’s story and recast it in a fashion that inspires visitors both young and old.

Exhibition Design

From napkin sketches to 3D CAD models and lighting studies, the design process focuses our sense of possibility into a coherent visitor experience.


Exhibition Design


We specialize in all aspects of the design of modular traveling systems, including design-for-fabrication components, immersive scenic environments, technically complex physical and digital interactives, integrated lighting, audio, and video to tell a comprehensive story. Our exhibit design services produce the most compelling interactive experiences.

Construction/Fabrication Documentation

Construction and fabrication documents translate renderings into reality and allow us to iterate and improve upon past concepts. They are also essential in providing warranty service to our clients.


We engineer our own solutions to complex fabrication and design challenges using a multi-disciplinary systems-based design approach. Elegant problem solving and an economy of moving parts support safe and sustainable operation of mechanical and electromechanical installations.

Interactive Design (Physical & Digital Interactives)

We develop a wide range of interactive applications to educate and entertain visitors. From immersive environments to touchscreen applications, physical interactives, simulators and games: we design in-depth content designed with intuitive user interfaces in mind.

Exhibition Design

Exhibit Fabrication and Installation Coordination

As part of the design-for-fabrication methodology, the design department oversees the production and fabrication of all component designs through on-site installation. Fabrication coordination includes interfacing with vendors and contractors from development of the design documentation, to bid proposals, to drawing packages and design reviews. Installation coordination includes supporting the Imagine Exhibitions production department in the development of installation specifications, drawings, and documentation packages.


We support the production department in the design of modular systems that can be easily transported and installed. We consider transportation, truck loading, and storage requirements in everything we do.

Audio / Visual / Lighting Installations

We design and choreograph AV installations to enhance immersion and bring interactivity to our environments and to craft experiences you can’t get on your average screen.

Video Production & Animation

We write, direct, and produce stories for conventional and unconventional screens. We strategically use video productions to introduce and orient visitors to the wide-scope context of the exhibition and present in-depth information.


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