• Brick Planet

    BRICK PLANET: A magical journey made with LEGO

    Visitors embark on a global journey alongside artist Sean Kenney, discovering how the beauty of our planet has inspired his art. Voyage into the natural world through the lens of science and art and see what inspires you!




Get inspired by the beauty of our planet and travel to the arctic, forest, savanna, and more through immersive galleries while learning amazing scientific facts, discovering rare specimens from local collections (at host venue discretion), and exploring one-of-a-kind sculptures. Take a voyage into the natural world through the lens of science and art, and see what inspires you!

Key Messages:

  • The natural world is an incredible source of inspiration.
  • Both science and art help us understand and connect to the natural world.
  • As Sean’s sculptures are composed of millions of interconnected pieces, the Earth is made up of various ecosystems that are interconnected and impact our planet’s natural and living world.
  • Appreciating the wonder of our planet encourages us to take care of it.


Visitor Appeal:

  • Empathize with and appreciate our planet upon encountering surprising facts, specimens, scientific data, and art.
  • Travel to a variety of amazing ecosystems all around our planet through exploring immersive and scenic environments.
  • Delve into the science related to Sean Kenney’s sculptures by analyzing real, replicated or digital specimens. (Potential for host venue collection display.)
  • Contribute personal creations to collectively created and ever-evolving naturescapes created with LEGO bricks.
  • Interact with Sean Kenney’s sculptures in a digital space and learn about the animals and plants that inspired them.


6,000sf or 10,000sf (550 or 930 sq m)

*Exhibition is currently in development and is subject to change.



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