Our Role at Mob Attraction

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Imagine Exhibitions was hired as a consultant to the Mob Attraction as it emerged from bankruptcy. Imagine Exhibitions revitalized and rebranded this permanent attraction; drawing new crowds and attention through exhibit enhancements, and strategic marketing and operations. In addition, Imagine Exhibitions provided financial analysis, lighting and infrastructure improvements, brought in an experienced marketing team, redid the creative, negotiated all the media buys and established broker relations. Imagine Exhibitions helped to create a new brand and image for the Mob Attraction while increasing attendance and the visitor experience.

The Mob Attraction

The Mob Attraction is a one-of-a kind entertainment experience that immerses visitors into the world of the mob. It takes guest on a fun, exciting, interactive journey through the world of organized crime. Inside you become a part of the story and go face-to-face with the mob. The attraction also features an extensive collection of authentic never before seen mob artifacts, memorabilia, photos and videos. Interact, Participate, Experience.

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