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    Dino Safari Walk Thru

    Grab a prehistoric passport and join over 30 giant moving dinosaurs on a globetrotting expedition at Dino Safari, a completely walk-thru dino adventure for the whole family.




Dino Safari: A Walk Thru Adventure takes visitors on a prehistoric global journey, introducing them to larger-than-life animatronic dinosaurs. By combining cutting-edge research with popular and accessible interpretive techniques, Dino Safari creates an engaging, multisensory experience for the whole family.

Journey to each of the seven continents that once made-up Pangea, stopping off to get up close and personal with over 30 giant moving dinosaurs along the way. From fan favorites like the mighty T. rex of North America to new discoveries like the Spinosaurus from Africa, visitors learn how dinosaurs evolved over time, where on earth they lived, and uncover paleontologists’ latest ideas about how they behaved. Authentic fossils and casts allow visitors to get hands-on with the past, a dig-pit allows future paleontologist to make new discoveries, a Brachiosaurus family roams by in immersive projections, and VR allows children and adults to experience dinosaurs in 4-D. Dino Safari has it all, but beware: along the journey, you might find a lost egg, dinosaurs could battle, and your family just might have to help bring a baby dinosaur to life!

Created in collaboration with world-renowned PhD dinosaur paleontologist Dr. Gregory M. Erickson (one of only 150 full-time professional paleontologists in the world!), Dino Safari layers rich, cutting-edge research with dynamic hands-on experiences to create lasting meaning for visitors of all ages

With different amounts of advanced animatronic dinosaurs and interactives available, there's a Dino Safari set for every venue.

3 Sets Available, Featuring:

  • Up to 30 different varieties of advanced animatronic dinosaurs (including 3 feathered dinos!)
  • Immersive set design including whimsical colored lighting
  • Dinosaur puppets
  • Virtual Reality experience (child and adult station)
  • Audio tour
  • Passport and survival pack for each visitor
  • Dig pit
  • Titanosaur femur photo op
  • Immersive projection wall
  • Merchandise and gift shop



  • Introduction Theater
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North America
  • Australia
  • Antarctica
  • Africa
  • VR Area
  • Artists Area


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