• Food: Science, Culture, and Cuisine

    A multi-sensory feast of an exhibition with the perfect blend of science and culture.


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You’re invited to a multi-sensory feast of an exhibition where science and culture are intertwined in many aspects of gastronomy.

Gathering around the dinner table is a long-held, much-revered tradition across cultures—a universal experience of sharing and celebration. This exhibition honors those cultural traditions while also examining the science behind eating. It’s not just about taste. Sight, smell, hearing, and touch play a role in how we eat.

This immersive experience is both gourmet and festive and will appeal to your mind and every hearty appetite.



  • The Kitchen: Become a chef’s apprentice as you learn the essentials of meal prep, including utensils, techniques, cooking, and presentation.
  • The hors d'Oeuvres: Examine the cognitive processes involved in the sensations of "yum" and "yuck" through tastings and experiments.
  • The Banquet Show: Take a seat and enjoy a virtual meal through a clever orchestration of projected images, including the sights, sounds, and smells of a lavish banquet.



  • Test your chef skills at using common tools, including a whisk, a pastry roller, or a mandolin.
  • Challenge yourself to make an eye-catching centerpiece.
  • Can you smell what’s cooking? Discover how taste is about 80% smell.

Presented in English and Spanish

Size 6,400sq ft, 600 sq m


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