• Trolls by Thomas Dambo


    This new outdoor exhibition features twelve of Thomas Dambo's signature, folklore-inspired Trolls. Each of these unique sculptures is crafted using recycled materials. Experience Thomas Dambo's Trolls in a whole new way!



This new outdoor exhibition will feature twelve of Thomas Dambo’s signature Troll sculptures conducting a “field study” of the human world. This educational, magical, and humorous experience allows guests a unique opportunity to see our world through the eyes of these curious Trolls while learning the importance of being better stewards of our environment.

Each Troll will be unique, crafted exclusively for this new traveling exhibition, and built using recycled materials, including fallen branches and twigs, wooden pallets, and more. This all-new traveling exhibition will debut in Europe – stay tuned for more details regarding this exhibition!


  • 12 sculptures made from reclaimed materials
  • Educator Guide and Turnkey Marketing Assets
  • Information About the Artist
  • Complimentary Exhibition Catalog Available for Purchase
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