• Cats & Dogs Exhibition

    Cats & Dogs Exhibition

    Presenting scientific, sociological and cultural knowledge about cats and dogs through a sensory and interactive journey largely devoted to games and simulations. Brought to you by La Cite in Paris, an exhibition that gives every dog (and cat!) its day!


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Brought to you by La Cite in Paris, Cats & Dogs offers a sensory and interactive journey largely devoted to games and simulations: there is nothing better than putting yourself in an animal’s place to understand them better and decode their behavior.

The exhibition is arranged to take visitors on a fun, sensory and interactive journey. Using colors, materials and selected furnishings, three different scenes are created, consisting of distinct environments that let visitors experience each universe.

In their skin. This is an active space where visitors compare their own physical skills to those of the animals, such as speed, agility, capacity to jump. They discover the different range of canine and feline body shape types and observe their characteristics.

In their heads. Plunged into a space decorated to put us on a level with the animals, visitors are invited to look, listen and feel like a dog or cat, with unusual immersive experiments. Understand how they communicate, interpret their emotions and decrypt their behavior.

In our society. Dogs and cats fill our homes, our streets and even our culture. This final section shows visitors the nature of our relationship with these animals over time, and the important role they play today in our society.



4,300–6,000 sq ft

400–550 sq m

  • Cats & Dogs provided Science World with a curious and different way to see our furry friends. The panels were filled with neat facts and the exhibits were engaging. Families appreciated the English and French languages on the panel copy.

    Karthik Krishnaswamy, Advertising & Promotion Specialist
    Science World at TELUS World of Science
    Vancouver, BC
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