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    Planes! Trains! Rockets! Cars! Explore this exhibition and discover the technology of transportation. Visitors will discover the countless ways in which humans have developed modes of transportation to travel our planet and beyond! Fly a plane, ride a hovercraft, race your friend on a recumbent bicycle, or learn to fly an airship! YOU are the driver in Going Places’ 14 interactive exhibits and 8 information kiosks —providing the chance to experience transportation in ways you never dreamed possible!

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Created by the renowned Scitech in Perth, Australia, Going Places is an interactive science exhibition that explores the technology humans have developed for travel. If you have ever wanted to pilot an airship, ride on a hovercraft, or control traffic in a city, now is your big chance!

As well as exploring the technology that gets us around everyday, visitors will explore the way that travel has shaped the social fabric of our time.

Visitors will also see new technology and get a glimpse of where our future is headed.

With 14 interactive exhibits and 8 information kiosks detailing the incredible technology pioneered by humans to make the farthest reaches of our planet accessible, Going Places will be a wild ride!

The key messages of this exhibition are: observe, understand and use an incredible range of travel technology to see how it makes our lives easier and better, AND learn how the Earth’s awesome size and natural processes, like gravity, wind, currents, waves, friction, and changing landscapes are overcome by the ingenious designs, researched and developed over time.


*Exhibition comes in two languages: English and Spanish

Exhibits include:

  • Entrance and Virtual Earth
  • Flight Simulator
  • Hoverdisk
  • Rock the Boat
  • Luggage Loader
  • Vehicle Jigsaw
  • Recumbent Racer
  • Transport Footprint
  • Big Engine
  • Land Yacht
  • Virtual Traffic Controller
  • Design Your Ride
  • Load the Car
  • Shifting Steel


4,300–6,500 sq ft

400–600 sq m



  • Going Places was one of our best attended exhibitions we've hosted at our museum. Membership sales were also strong throughout the summer, driven by the popularity of the exhibition. Imagine Exhibitions provided professional support and empathetic customer service. The exhibition received nothing but praise from the audience, our crew, and from the rest of our team.

    Dan Wempa, External Affairs
    New York Hall of Science
    Queens, NY
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