Our Role with the Singapore Project

Singapore Project

Photo credit: Chia Ming Chien

Mr. Tom Zaller, President and CEO of Imagine Exhibitions, was the Founding Director of the art and science museum, providing services including overall programming, staffing, marketing and operations, and outfitting the latest art and science museum in Singapore. Collaborating with multiple local and global teams to carefully craft the museum’s identity and structure, Imagine Exhibitions played a key role in the development of this unique space. Imagine Exhibitions worked closely with the architect on interior design improvements, established a retail store and a café, developed an audio tour, and built an iPhone application to complement programming within the space.

Singapore Museum Project

Designed as a symbolic gesture of welcome to guests from across the globe, the museum embodies the art and science movement, and is a premier destination for major international touring exhibitions from the most renowned collections in the world.

Embracing a spectrum of influences from art & science, to media & technology, to design & architecture, the museum features over 50,000 square feet of galleries to inspire visitors of all ages, walks of life and from shores near and far.

The museum’s showpiece exhibition is an homage and introduction to the nascent field of art and science combined. Through much of history, art and science were two sides of the same coin, occupying the minds of leading thinkers, innovators and polymaths such as Leonardo da Vinci, Lu Ban, Benjamin Franklin and Confucius. What unites art and science is the instinct to observe, connect, take risks and explore new ideas and ways of understanding nature’s wisdom and experiences that shape our culture.

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