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Dinosaur Explorers

4,000-6,000 sq ft sq ft

372 - 557 sq m

Dinosaur Explorer

Dinosaur Explorer journeys through the wildest, wackiest, and most wonderous dinosaurs and examines human physiology through the lens of these magnificent creatures. Although they lived millions of years before us, dinosaurs adapted to not only survive, but to thrive on planet earth. Join us as we explore, compare, and create a whole-new understanding of the most fascinating living organisms in known history.

Dinosaurs Around the World: The Great Outdoors Exhibition


Dinosaurs Around the World: The Great Outdoors

With 20 advanced animatronic dinosaurs, a multi-layered narrative, and cutting-edge research, Dinosaurs Around the World: The Great Outdoors allows visitors to experience the Age of Reptiles brought back to life in an outdoor environment. Created in collaboration with world-renowned PhD dinosaur paleontologist Dr. Gregory M. Erickson—one of only 150 full-time professional dinosaur paleontologists in the world!

Animals/Zoology Dinosaurs Natural History/Sciences STEM
Dinosaurs in Motion Exhibition

5,000–10,000 sq ft

475–1,000 sq m

Dinosaurs in Motion

In this unique, new exhibition, dinosaurs are the medium for educating and exciting multi-generational families on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) concepts. Dinosaurs in Motion educates the visitor by using 14 magnificent, fully interactive, recycled metal dinosaur sculptures with exposed mechanics inspired by actual fossils. The exhibition theme captivates the visitor by drawing them into the powerful “brand” of dinosaurs, while creating a unique opportunity to teach and interact with the basic principles of STEAM. A truly interactive, engaging and fun STEAM exhibition for all ages!

Animals/Zoology Art/Brick Sculptures Dinosaurs Natural History/Sciences STEM
Ice Dinosaurs

5,000-7,500 sq ft

465-700 sq m

Ice Dinosaurs: The Lost World of the Alaskan Frontier

ICE DINOSAURS: The Lost World of the Paleo-Arctic displays newly discovered Arctic-dwelling dinosaurs never-before-seen in an exhibition. Built around groundbreaking discoveries that are expanding the traditional understanding of dinosaur physiology, provinciality, and migration, ICE DINOSAURS invites visitors to learn about the unique adaptations of polar dinosaurs while interacting with actual fossils and museum-grade casts.

Animals/Zoology Dinosaurs Natural History/Sciences STEM
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