The World Premiere of “Ice Dinosaurs: The Lost World of the Alaskan Arctic”


March 25, 2024 - Imagine Exhibitions proudly presents its latest traveling exhibition, "ICE DINOSAURS: The Lost World of the Alaskan Arctic," making its world premiere at The Museum of Science & History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, FL. The exhibition is now open to the public, offering visitors the opportunity to be the first to explore the stunning recent discoveries of dinosaurs from the Alaskan Arctic, all new additions to the scientific record of these extraordinary creatures.

The exhibition explores paleontology’s final frontier, diving deep into the history of Arctic dinosaurs, including a feathered tyrannosaur, a giant species of raptor, and tiny hatchlings of herbivorous horned and duck-billed dinosaurs. Visitors will enjoy this immersive, interactive, and educational experience, featuring new discoveries, animatronic displays, real fossils (some that are touchable) and much more.

Built around groundbreaking discoveries that challenge the traditional understanding of paleontology, Ice Dinosaurs invites visitors to learn about the unique adaptations of polar dinosaurs who spent their entire lives above the Arctic Circle, somehow enduring cold, dark, and snowy winter conditions. The scientific evidence supporting them being non-migratory, unexpectedly nesting in the Arctic, and being warm-blooded is presented as the exhibition courses through a year in the life of these animals, more than 73 million years ago.

The exhibition combines more than 20 animatronic and static dinosaurs, two full skeletons, two skulls and numerous mammals and fish. Interactive games and experiences invite guests of all ages to master STEAM concepts while learning about new and exciting dinosaur species still being discovered today in the high Arctic.

“Hosting the world premiere of Ice Dinosaurs reinforces our commitment to bringing in brand-new, cutting-edge exhibitions for the Jacksonville community to experience first,” said Dr. Anthony Mortimer, Vice President of Exhibitions and Education at MOSH. “Dinosaurs captivate the imagination because new details about their lives are still being discovered now, millions of years after the species' extinction. The mystery surrounding these incredible creatures continues to fuel our collective interest in them, and we are looking forward to sharing this one-of-a-kind experience with Northeast Florida residents and visitors throughout the spring and summer.”

The exhibition is based on the research of paleontologists Dr. Gregory Erickson of Florida State University and Dr. Patrick Druckenmiller of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, co-Directors of the Arctic Paleo-Research Consortium (ARPC), a multinational group of professional and citizen scientists who seek to unravel the mysteries of dinosaurian polar occupation. Imagine Exhibitions will donate a portion of proceeds from this exhibition to the APRC to continue this groundbreaking research.

The debut of Ice Dinosaurs at MOSH provides the first public viewing of the Lost World of Arctic Dinosaurs, the quest to find their fossils and the science behind the discoveries,” said Gregory Erickson, Ph.D. “Guests will find themselves immersed in the Alaskan paleo-Arctic 73 million years ago where they will embark on a journey throughout the seasons, witnessing how a plethora of newly discovered species, including feathered raptors and tyrannosaurs, unexpectedly thrived in the harsh polar environment.”

“Most people do not think of dinosaurs when they hear the name “Alaska”, but in this exhibit we bring to life a chapter of our state’s history never before seen!” said Patrick Druckenmiller, PhD.


“We always strive to bring new and interesting exhibits to more people around the world and have been working with Greg Erickson and Patrick Druckenmiller a long time for this one.” Said Tom Zaller, President and CEO of Imagine Exhibitions. “Ice Dinosaurs is the newest exhibition by Imagine and promises to shed light on fresh discoveries in the prehistoric world. I’m excited for visitors in the Jacksonville area to embark on a journey that unveils incredible new details about ice dinos, and to unlock mysteries that, until now, have been frozen in time.”

Ice Dinosaurs, created by Imagine Exhibitions, runs through September 6, 2024. Admission to the traveling exhibition is included in the price of general admission. Admission is free for children two and under and MOSH members. For more information or to purchase advance tickets, visit themosh.org.

For additional information on our exhibitions, please visit / or reach out to Debbie Donohue, COO & Vice President of Sales, at ddonohue@imagineexhibitions.com.


About The Museum of Science & History (MOSH)
The Museum of Science & History (MOSH) is located at 1025 Museum Circle near Friendship Park. MOSH, first chartered in 1941, inspires the joy of lifelong learning by bringing to life the sciences and regional history. Admission is $19.95 for adults; $16.95 for youth, students, active and retired military and seniors. There is no admission fee for children 2 and under or Museum Members. Learn more at themosh.org.

Museum funding is provided in part by the City of Jacksonville and the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, Inc.; State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture; and the National Endowment for the Arts; Historic Museums Grants-in-Aid Program assistance provided by the Bureau of Historical Museums, Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State, Secretary of State.

About Imagine Exhibitions:

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