Filming and photography guidelines


We love to show off our exhibitions in the best light. Follow these guidelines for a successful photoshoot on site.



  • Filming and photography is permitted only in locations and only of works of objects, art, or events authorized by Imagine Exhibitions staff.
  • An authorized member of Imagine Exhibitions staff must be present at all filming and photography sessions.
  • Each such session is subject to the supervision of our staff and we reserve the right, in our discretion, to suspend or terminate any session.
  • Film and photography crews must supply all equipment and supplies necessary to comply with these guidelines.
  • All equipment cases, extension cords, lighting, and personal belongings must be placed away from the objects on view.
  • All light stands must be steadied with weights or sand bags.
  • Lighting lamps must be located as far as possible from the object being filmed or photographed.
  • No protective barriers, vitrines, or glazing may be removed, except by prior arrangement with Imagine Exhibitions staff.
  • The work area must be left in the same condition in which it was provided.
  • The use of live models may be used with advance permission of Imagine Exhibitions.
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