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    Angry Birds Universe Exhibition

    Angry Birds Universe: The Art & Science Behind a Global Phenomenon, produced by Imagine Exhibitions in partnership with Rovio and JRA takes visitors on a wild educational adventure by creating an immersive environment where Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) topics are taught in playful, engaging environments! "Be the bird" in this globally recognized, fully immersive blockbuster exhibition!



Imagine Exhibitions partnered with Rovio and JRA to create the Angry Birds Universe: The Art & Science Behind a Global Phenomenon exhibition. Angry Birds Universe features a variety of immersive environments and interactive activities, allowing fans to learn a wide variety of educational concepts in an entertaining manner, including the chance to “Be The Bird” and experience the Angry Birds games in real life.

Guests first learn about the famous Angry Birds characters and their nemeses, the Bad Piggies, in a short theatrical pre-show experience. Guests are then invited to explore the characters’ home - the mysterious and exciting Piggy Island.

Guests will also have opportunities to engage in hands-on demonstrations of various Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts including building and racing handheld vehicles in a live version of the new game: Angry Birds Go!; digital art and music activities that encourage guests to learn about the creation of the Angry Birds games; exhibits explaining real bird characteristics from egg sizes to wingspan measurements; interactives allowing guests to learn the principals of vortexes, lasers, and mass; building structures and sling-shot-launching Angry Birds to test their constructions; and participating in a one-of-a-kind experience allowing visitors to “be the bird” and safely propel down a zip line to knock over enormous foam structures, just like the Angry Birds!

Angry Birds naturally teaches guests about science and physics using multiple interactives and immersive environments. Guests will have fun learning at Angry Birds Universe!


  • Create and race a model car on various track types
  • Build and knock down structures using slingshot-launched birds
  • Laser Maze
  • Planetarium
  • Digital Art and Music interactives including drawing, stop motion, music and image composition
  • Zip Line - "Be The Bird" experience
  • Real bird characteristic experiences
  • Coin Vortex
  • Your weight in space interactive
  • Earthquake Table
  • Gear Wall
  • Climbing Wall
  • Test downhill tracks on a vertical magnet wall
  • Mini game table


8,000–15,000 sq ft

750–1,400 sq m

  • The Angry Birds Universe was our marquee exhibit at this year’s Fair at the PNE. Angry Bird Universe received an overwhelming amount of media attention, high attendance, and was one of the strongest factors for an increase in attendance this year for the PNE Fair.

    Faizzal Fatehali
    Manager, Exhibit Space
    Pacific National Exhibition
    Vancouver, BC
  • It’s the quintessential example of what we look for in an exhibit. There’s this sort of medium where you have this conversation of physics happening alongside this global pop-culture phenomenon. It’s the perfect combo.

    Dan Wempa, VP of External Affairs
    New York Hall of Science
    Queens, NY

Educational Materials

We provide instructors with essential questions to ask students at each area and a lesson that explores and expands on the ideas presented.

Our research and interpretive text is also the basis for our Educator Guides. Developed during the second half of our 360° process, these guides contain classroom modules for students to use before arrival and after their experience, with accompanying activities for the exhibition visit itself.

To receive a copy of the Educator Guide, please contact info@imagineexhibitions.com.



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Angry Birds


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