8,000–15,000 sq ft

750–1,400 sq m

Embark on a wild educational adventure in Angry Birds Universe: The Art and Science of a Global Phenomenon. “Be the Bird” in this immersive experience that teaches STEAM topics in playful, hands-on environments, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and the latest updates to the Angry Birds brand. Fly, sling, race and create in this globally recognized blockbuster exhibition.


4,300–6,500 sq ft

400–600 sq m

Backyard Adventures explores the exciting science in your own backyard! Discover the vital interactions between plants and insects, the horticultural science of growing giant vegetables, the nocturnal animals hiding in the shadows, the mathematics needed to lay brick patios, and more! In this active exhibition, science is everything and everyone can be a scientist—there is more to your backyard than you can imagine!

Natural History/Sciences Science Zoos

4,300–6,000 sq ft

400–550 sq m

Cats & Dogs, created by la Cité des Sciences in Paris, offers a sensory and interactive journey to learn more about our favorite pets! This exhibition is largely devoted to games and simulations: there is nothing better than putting yourself in an animal’s place to understand them better and decode their behavior. This is an exhibition that gives every dog (and cat!) its day!

Natural History/Sciences Science Zoos

5,000–10,000 sq ft

475–925 sq m

Guests go on a globetrotting expedition around the world, dropping in to see a variety of dinosaurs living on each of the seven continents during the Age of Reptiles. Featuring advanced animatronics as well as authentic casts, a fossil, cutting-edge research and immersive design elements, Dinosaurs Around the World equally thrills and educates visitors.

Dinosaurs History Natural History/Sciences Science Zoos

15,000–30,000 sq ft

1,400–2,800 sq m

1/4–1/2 acre

Get your passport to Pangea stamped on every continent while engaging with more than 24 animatronic dinosaurs as Dinosaurs Around the World takes its celebrated educational content to the great outdoors. While experiencing scientifically accurate and exhilarating dinosaurs, visitors to Dinosaurs Around the World: The Great Outdoors make a trek spanning the better part of an acre while visiting every continent in order to discover which dinosaurs lived there. Along the way, learn about tectonic plates, geological formations, the latest paleontological research and interact with actual fossils.

Dinosaurs Natural History/Sciences Science Zoos
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