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    Jump into this exhibition and explore the work of our everyday heroes including rescue techniques, the details surrounding emergency situations, and the various life-saving equipment used by rescue personnel. Fly a life-sized helicopter rescue simulator, experience what it’s like to escape from a burning building, navigate obstacles on a jet-ski to rescue a swimmer in trouble, and even role-play as a news team with a breaking rescue story! From the air to the sea and on land, discover the action-packed ways in which our heroes Rescue those in need.


Created by the renowned Scitech in Perth, Australia, this exhibition answers the following questions What does a rescue scenario really involve? Who are the teams who put themselves in these dangerous situations? And do we really know what to do if we find ourselves in need of rescuing? Rescue operations require a high level of training and are undertaken by specialist rescue squads. Rescue delves into this world, exploring topics related to rescue techniques, emergency supplies and equipment.

Visitors can engage with exciting hands-on and full-body experiences such as firefighting, surf rescue, and sea life survival, while comprehensive graphic panels communicate the technology and techniques that rescuers use.

Key messages are: technology expands our capacity to rescue, rescue is a human endeavor, and rescue situations promote innovation and improvements in technology.

Exhibits Include:

  • Helicopter Rescue
  • Fire Experience
  • Vertical Rescue
  • Wave Rescue
  • Fight the Fire
  • Read the News
  • Pulleys Share the Load
  • Ropes and knots
  • Cliff Walk
  • Real Life Rescues
  • You Can Be a Rescuer
  • Mayday, Mayday
  • Escape the Rip
  • Search Patterns
  • Cut the Car
  • What to Pack
  • Information Kiosks


4,300–6,500 sq ft

400–600 sq m

Educational Materials

We provide instructors with essential questions to ask students at each area and a lesson that explores and expands on the ideas presented.

Our research and interpretive text is also the basis for our Educator Guides. Developed during the second half of our 360° process, these guides contain classroom modules for students to use before arrival and after their experience, with accompanying activities for the exhibition visit itself.

To receive a copy of the Educator Guide, please contact info@imagineexhibitions.com.


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