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    Inspired by the Emmy Award-winning and internationally acclaimed TV drama, Downton Abbey: The Exhibition takes visitors on an incredible journey through history and culture. Providing visitors with a unique immersive experience, the exhibition features authentic set builds, historic insights and interactivity that will appeal to everyone.


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Come and step inside the world of Downton Abbey and take an incredible journey through life, history, culture and the fashions of post-Edwardian England.

Experience the highs and lows, history and social change, upstairs and downstairs, love and heartache as a British household moves into the modern era. Marvel as your favourite characters come to life, and take the opportunity to peek into the opulent Dining Room, Lady Mary's bedroom and the hustle and bustle of Mrs Patmore's kitchen.

Expect authentic set builds, stunning costumes from the show and magical installations that bring the series to life. Bursting with social history, culture and of course some of the most memorable moments from the show, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

We welcome you all to experience Downton Abbey: The Exhibition.

Key Features

  • Highly immersive show location set recreations
  • Authentic costumes from the show
  • Era-specific history and insight into the life, culture, fashion and socioeconomics of the early 20th century
  • Highly immersive sets
  • Cutting-edge technology woven throughout the experience

General Information

  • Available 2017
  • 5-year tour


15,000–18,000 sq ft

1,400–1,675 sq m

To book this exhibition, please contact Mary Zaller.

DOWNTON and DOWNTON ABBEY are trade marks of Carnival Film & Television Limited. All rights reserved.

Educational Materials

We provide instructors with essential questions to ask students at each area and a lesson that explores and expands on the ideas presented.

Our research and interpretive text is also the basis for our Educator Guides. Developed during the second half of our 360° process, these guides contain classroom modules for students to use before arrival and after their experience, with accompanying activities for the exhibition visit itself.

To receive a copy of the Educator Guide, please contact info@imagineexhibitions.com.


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To book this exhibition, please contact Debbie Donohue!

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