Imagine offers consultation on museum building, expansion, renovation, and direction. Utilizing our experience, we work with you to address the needs, challenges, and dreams for your venue to refresh your image in the eyes of your visitors. Imagine strives to provide your visitors with an unforgettable experience while delivering the most marketable, educational complement to your venue’s current offerings.

For those with collections waiting to be displayed, we can collaborate to design and build exhibitions that optimize the appeal and presentation of your collection. For those who want to start a traveling exhibition program, we can collaborate to design an on-mission program, which assists in bringing more visitors to your venue. For those with a traveling exhibition idea but no experience, we can collaborate with you to create a blockbuster traveling exhibition.

What can Imagine Exhibitions do to help you maximize revenue and make the most out of your venue?

  • Physical museum design
  • Find exhibitions for your venue
  • Negotiate exhibition bookings
  • Market and tour your exhibitions
  • Refresh existing content
  • Oversee programming
  • Renovate a gallery
  • Improve the overall look of your museum
  • Coordinate tour routing
  • Buy media and create Marketing plans
  • Organize and optimize retail space
  • Develop ancillary revenue streams within the venue
  • Create, organize and optimize photo opportunities...and more!

To learn more about our various projects, please visit Singapore Project, Field Station Dinosaurs, Georgia Aquarium and Mob Attraction.

Contact Debbie Donohue to find out how we can collaborate with you to make your project great!