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    1001 Inventions from Arabic Science

    Voted ‘World’s Best Touring Exhibition’, a fascinating highly interactive exploration of the Golden Age of Arabic Science.


Major social, scientific and technological achievements of the Middle Ages happened along a glistening crescent from Southern Europe, through North Africa to Arabia, Turkey, Persia and India. An inspirational journey through a colorful and creative period of Muslim Civilization. Celebrating the achievements of men and women of different faiths and cultures whose discoveries helped pave the way for the European Renaissance..

The award-winning touring exhibition introduces visitors to the science and technology of Muslim Civilization, which enjoyed a Golden Age during the European Dark Ages. Visitors explore the discoveries made by scholars, engineers and scientists of the 7th to 17th centuries living in Muslim civilization, which spread across southern Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa, Asia and China.

During this period, men and women of many faiths – and none – worked together, building on ancient ideas of scholars who came before them, and making breakthroughs that helped pave the way for the European Renaissance afterwards. The discoveries and inventions of this period, many of which have yet to become widely known, have had a lasting influence on modern life – in our homes, schools, towns, hospitals, the way we trade and how we understand our world and universe.

The exhibition shows how ideas that developed during this Golden Age of discovery have impacted on the way we live today. It also introduces many of the scholars, engineers and scientists, of many different faiths and cultures, who lived and worked throughout Arabic civilisation.

The 1001 Inventions from Arabic Science brand has secured a social media following of more than 1,000,000 fans, and has successfully leveraged this base of supporters to attract record audiences for host venues around the world, and independent research has demonstrated the exhibition's ability to activate interest from demographic segments that do not traditionally engage with science and cultural exhibitions and venues.


8,000–12,000 sq ft

750–1,125 sq m

Educational Materials

We provide instructors with essential questions to ask students at each area and a lesson that explores and expands on the ideas presented.

Our research and interpretive text is also the basis for our Educator Guides. Developed during the second half of our 360° process, these guides contain classroom modules for students to use before arrival and after their experience, with accompanying activities for the exhibition visit itself.

To receive a copy of the Educator Guide, please contact info@imagineexhibitions.com.


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