• Planet Pioneers

    Planet Pioneers

    See if you have what it takes to colonize a new home planet in the seventeen hands-on exhibits of Planet Pioneers. Be ready for full-body challenges as you drive a Surface Exploration Vehicle, experience G-force in a spinning capsule, fly a virtual drone and see if you can grow space potatoes in this engaging exhibition for visitors of all ages. Do you have what it takes to explore, adapt and survive?


Would you like to live on another planet? Do you have what it takes to survive and establish a new home?

Planet Pioneers contains 17 hands on exhibits allowing visitors to explore the exhibition to find out what you might need to live on another world, what you should take with you, what you might find there and how you would survive in a strange environment.

The exhibition also focuses on teamwork, leadership and problem solving skills.

Visitors can experience G-force in a spinning capsule, drive a Surface Exploration Vehicle, balance resources and build a model habitat.

Key messages

  • Settling on another planet needs resources and planning
  • Other planets are likely to be very different from Earth, and have particular challenges for human life
  • Science, technology and engineering can help us survive and conduct research in a new environment


  • Planet base: balance resources to ensure you have enough power, water and oxygen
  • Bottle rocket: Pump to launch a rocket
  • Examine rocks: Check out the kind of rocks you might find on other planets
  • Fix the problem: Fly a virtual drone around a planetary habitat to locate the problems for your team to fix
  • G-force: Experience g-force in a spinning capsule
  • Space potatoes: Choose the right inputs to grow the most food for your base
  • Land the rocket: Control the descent of a rocket to try to land it on another planet
  • Life in a vacuum: See how a vacuum affects sound and water
  • Who wants to be a pioneer?: Have a go at our quiz and see how much you know about living on another planet
  • Surface exploration vehicle: Climb into our SEV and take a virtual drive across a planet’s surface
  • Orrery: Explore the movement of the planets in our solar system
  • Pick your crew: Find out what type of personality you have and try to put together a good combination of team members
  • Projectile launch: Launch a spacecraft and investigate how to land it in the target zone
  • Scan the planet: Put yourself in a low planetary orbit and scan the surface for ice and mineral resources
  • Timing is everything: Time your launch correctly to get the correct trajectory
  • What to pack: Choose suitable equipment to take on a mission to another planet
  • Build a habitat: Construct a scale model of a habitat for your new home

Exhibits are subject to change.

Educational Materials

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